deploying a kindle for distance learning courses

Well, the first approach stage of being able to share notes to the kindle, and being able to edit those has been a success. So we have a mechanism for students to be able to access (update) course handbooks, workbooks, text material on their Kindle.

My desired workflow is … our distance learning courses are deployed using Google Educational Apps, we send a kindle each student at the start of the course with reading material, handbooks, reading lists etc., We might then be able to update those and send the later version. These documents are located within the google educational apps area so they can access them without a Kindle (if so required), and will also be able to complete the other functions expected on the course, ie., access learning material, synchronous and asychronous communication, group collaboration, complete quizzes & surveys, and the submission of an assignment / report.

This is quite exciting because if we sent them a Kindle Fire (see a comparison with the iPad 2 – they should be able complete the required tasks on one device 🙂

So, next step is to look into the ease of authoring Kindle ebooks …. there must be an effective, convert your html docs to Kindle format application somewhere 🙂

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