e-book conversion via Calibre is the way forward … the next step

Well, thanks to twitter, the conversion tool of choice seems to be Calibre  (http://calibre-ebook.com/) – thanks @nrparmar and @jamesclay

I have downloaded it, and created my first ebook. Which was authored in Google Docs, downloaded in an HTML format, converted and shared with me Kindle. All very simple, and looks great – except it took the authors comments when converted (so I must remove those next time).

The next stage is to take a more authentic material in the format of a course handbook, assessement guidelines, lecture notes etc., and convert these are start to look at formating issues. So, I’ve take four some course content material (in doc format) from a course on our Blackboard system. I’ll upload into Google, sort out the formating, download and convert.

At the same time I’ll review the course to synthesis the functionality from a distance learning, cross reference this with the Inst of Educations – pedagogical templates for e-Learning report (which has already done this) and come up with a cunning plan.

A question which keeps nagging away with me is … how can I distribute a large number of e-books, to a large number of ebook readers with the least amount of effort? I feel some work on google is coming up, plus help from friends on Twitter.



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