LearnUCS, and MyUCS and the Elevate Team

As some people know we’ve separated the VLE (LearnUCS) and the Intranet (MyUCS) recently. There was a number of drivers for this, including costs. However, from my perspective there was the need to create a space for e-learning to establish its identify and message at UCS, without the tools associated with e-learning being swamped by messages around the Intranet.

So, the following is an update on outcomes, and also a reference point for when we visit CCN, as I know this is on the agenda.

Question: Have we been able to create our own identity for our community?

Answer: Yes. We now have a landing page when people click on LearnUCS. This page (see screengrab) allows us to focus messages on our users needs, includes support material and allows us to introduce new technologies.

This was not easily possible within an Intranet function as the messages, forums and file stores meant the e-learning community was difficult to develop.

The separation has also allowed us to better manage our messages, and leverage the announcement space in the MyUCS to encourage people to engage with our Team service blog. For instance, the announcement in MyUCS will always have an exit point of either going to the Elevate Team area on the MyUCS area and our service blog. We have already evidenced the success from people referencing our MyUCS announcements in email correspondence.

Question: Has there been a significant fall of of user since MyUCS

Answer: No. The as the image illustrates below, MyUCS was rolled out in Feb 2012, and there hasn’t been a significant change in the number of people accessing the VLE.



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