QA for e-learning and distance / distributed learning

As requested, I have conducted a very short web search around QA documentation for validating e-learning intensive courses at UK HEIs.

I’d suggest the following from Staffordshire University would be appropriate for us at UCS.

I find this approach appropriate for a number of reasons, and seems to meet our needs.

  • I like the way it encourages (forces) the inclusion of the development teams (elevate, educational developers, learning development, student support) at an early stage within the preparing for validation process. In particular, the need to mock up of an effective learning, teaching and assessment model for the programme and individual modules / units within the programme.
  • It forces the course teams (with support from the development teams) to have created an exemplar module which can be demonstrated during the validation event. This will allow us to quality assure the approach.
  • It ensures the course team have explicitly identified their staff development requirements and developed an action plan to meet these needs with the context of the programme.
  • It identifies the responsibilities of members of the elevate team at the time of the panel. The e-learning development manger will sit on the panel, while the learning technologist will attend with the course team. The learning technologist will focus on the broader issues around staff and student development and support, while the court team members discuss the and demo the learning materials.

If further information is required an excellent starting place would be the quality assurance-quality enhancement e-Learning SIG (


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