MOOC at UCS: Exploring the opportunities of rolling out a MOOC at UCS

There has been lots of discussion around MOOCs at UCS, at various levels. A key driver from the academic side has been Tim Goodchild (thanks Tim :-)).

Interestingly, with respect to rolling out a MOOC we’ve cracked many of the issues from our experiences of designing effective online CPD and Distance Learning courses.

A typical MOOC design would be content intensive (with formative feedback via tutorials and quizzes) and self contained. Where the expectation is for the individual to learn in isolation (cognitive construction), with a small component of social / group learning (social constructivist) around reflection and discussion board tasks. Therefore, the learning model is relatively simple.

Other emerging questions are addressed by using Blackboard Coursesites – the platform to run this one, and the self enrolment option. Also meaning we can offer these short MOOC courses without the creation of UCS user accounts. Also given it is Blackboard we have the existing skills to develop content and learning tasks within UCS.

I still haven’t solved the issue of the certificate of attendance – in the sense I can design each learning task to have a quiz component. This would allow me to track use. However, I need a simply process for mail merging people who have achieved these milestones to the delivery of a certificate.

So, the next stage is to discuss with colleagues the curriculum, the learning and assessment model for the course and start discussing issues around Marketing (getting word out, and using it as a feed into existing programmes – it would be nice to have this as a feed in to help recruit for existing provision at UCS).

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