Assessment Model in Google MOOC – what lessons might we take?

As mentioned in a previous post I have been really interested in the assessment model within MOOCs. The Google MOOC approach is very interesting in it focusses on a self assessment approach with sampling by assessors.

The assessment model is to use a very well defined marking criteria (seven tasks, with sub divisions and one point allocation to each of these sub divisions). With this very clear definition the self assessment model becomes viable. When it comes to the submission, this is managed through an online form with a box for each of the tasks.

To help interpret the marking criteria there is a formative exercise which you score a exemplar, and can check against an assessors marking.

The final stage is you mark your own submission.

A couple of things struck me. The assignments work because it focusses on well defined and measurable task. So it would transfer to an activity for CPD / MOOCs where we want to provide an assessment but we don’t want too much lecturer time on tasks. Secondly, as a task it would suit learning outcomes which focus on knowledge and awareness (lower order skills). Finally, we have the Self & Peer Assessment Tool in LearnUCS which can offer pretty much this functionality.


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