developing a check list for course teams on assessment and feedback from the viewpoints workshop

The following link is to a Google Doc which is a checklist to act as a discussion point for course teams and learning technologists when considering assessment and feedback within the course design.

This has been informed by the Viewpoints Curriculum Development Workshop developed by the University of Ulster. The format is to state the principle, its interpretation by the University of Ulster team, and list some suggested approaches course teams can use to meet this principle.

An implementation approach at UCS would be for course teams to review their module and see if the assessment and feedback model maps to the ideas from Nicol & MacFarlane-Dick with respect to the Principles of Good Feedback.

Based on this review and the examples used in the checklist the course team could redesign their assessment (summative and formative) process to make it more effecive.

I have not taken all the points on the Viewpoints checklist, just selected a few which I would think was appropriate.

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