Getting started with objective testing in your teaching – a 3 hour online course

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I’m really pleased to announce the Elevate Team are rolling out our first online course, which is offered as an alternative to our face to face workshops or our unstructured FAQs. This offers an exciting opportunity for those who wish to learn this way.

The current course is based on our Getting Started with Objective Testing workshop. It lasts approximately 3.5 hours, and you have one week to complete it. On successful completion we’ll send you a Certificate of Attendance.

The rationale for the course is objective testing in LearnUCS (the quiz engine) is one of the most under utilised tools with the VLE, and it tends to be viewed as only useful for lower order learning skills. This course aims to challenge this perception as it is argued the tool offers significant benefits as a formative feedback.

The intended learning outcomes are:

  • LO1: Explain what we mean by the term objective test
  • LO2: Review a number of ways objective tests have been used in UK HE to enhance the learning experience
  • LO3: Design, develop and deploy an objective test in a module on LearnUCS

What are the course dates?

The course will commence on the 11th Feb, and run until the 15th. You should spend about 3.5 hours on the tasks within the course.

How do you enrol?

We are approaching this differently to our usual model of embedding it with our LearnUCS. This course is actually hosted in CourseSites.Com, which is offered by Blackboard. This means you do not need to be a member of UCS to complete the course, or use a UCS login. We are hoping this will help those across the Learning Network and beyond.

To enrol, simply visit the following URL and follow the self enrolment option.

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