Digital Media in Assessment: Thoughts from session

I (and a few others) attended the JISC Media webinar on Digital Media in Assessment. A few things struck me as we went through, these key messages are arranged by presenter.

My general comment is we are covering many of these aspects. It would be good if we could collect the stories from our pilot staff.

Peter Shukie >>> we need to address the traditional one piece of coursework and unseen exam with the emergence of the digital media. Digital media offers new opportunities, so assessment practice will need to be re-thought as a consequence.

Simon Thomson >>> Leeds Met have a rich history in audio feedback. Reference to the Soundsgood JISC Project (see the downloads page: Discussed the idea of dividing the feedback into two parts:

  • quick – text feedback (based on generic comments) and the grade
  • developmental – audio feedback on detail within the document

I think this is great, however, I do wonder about the workload in large groups. The workflow from UCS would be to record in W407 (or home or where ever) using Audacity or iPad. Convert to MP3, and attach as feedback to the submission in the Gradebook.

Simon Lancasters >>> UEA. Focussed on using screencasting in Camtasia (we’d use Debit) to create small videos from talk over powerpoints. These have been extended to getting the students to create and share small videos around key concepts or to answer questions.

Nigel >>> Cardiff. Walked through a work flow for the e-submission, e-feedback and e-return of video based feedback on students assessments. This looked very similar to ours, except we’d removed many of the admin hurdles through the use of the course admin team.

Something to follow up with is >>>



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