Collecting and sharing stories

It has been on our list of for a while, the need to collect and share stories of how lecturers have been using technology in their teaching. learning and assessment. I attended the JISC RSC Eastern Advisory Group Meeting today, and Ryan explained how they are rolling out a short survey to collect stories. The link is to their approach ( which I’m thinking I’ll follow suit. I like it as it is simple set of questions, which are broad enough to allow rich detail, but granular enough to allow a lecturer to discuss the use of one tool or app.

The questions will be:

  • Name
  • UCS e-number
  • What technology have you been using?
  • How have you been using it?
  • What impact has it had on you and/or your students?

We should be able to turn around these stories quickly on the Elevate Team blog, and follow up for more detailed case studies. To encourage staff to complete it, I think I’ll be looking at overing an iPad on a long term loan (assuming I can find one).


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