Interesting use of Augmented Reality … one to remember

The following link is an overview of Barry Spencer’s use of AR within the college he works, and how he’s been using it with his students.

I did like the use of info bubbles within a piece of text. Many people see the creating a video as a barrier to using AR, however, his augmented comments was a text bubble with no audio would significantly reduce the production time. It would mean you could create your video in Camtasia.

Increasing the turn around time would feed nicely into the idea of using them within his lecture notes. It reads like he includes triggers within his slides. I’m not sure about the best way of creating and distributing these auras. However, it does offer some really interesting uses in the classroom from an educational perspective. For instance, in class based group work (problem based learning), the lecture could provide a number of different case studies (print docs), with different augmented parts. The in class activity would involve accessing this material to solve the problem. I think it would be interesting to look at this further for some our (Elevate Team) staff development sessions. The aim is to get staff to huddle around a table, make them aware of stuff, translate this to  their own practice and articulate their needs. So some augmented handouts would be fab 🙂

Thanks Barry Spencer … you got me thinking about this particular angle.






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