empowering lecturers to be multimedia producers: explain everything

I posted on the work (Elevate Team) blog about how we have been looking at using tablet technology to empower lecturers to become multimedia producers. See

In our drive to simplify the process for people we’ve been revisiting Explain Everything on the iPad. I must say, wow … this app is really coming on (http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/blogs/elevate/?p=98531). This will be perfect for lecturers to create video material for upload to the VLE as part of the pre-session activity (the flipped classroom model).

So, the question i was asked by a lecturer in the corridor today (with an iPad under her arm), “I teach up to 9.00 at night, and I want to make the session more active, so how can I arrange to record a talk over powerpoint with the knowledge, and share with my students beforehand?” Is answered … we’ll lend you a nice microphone, and a stylus and you install the app 🙂

The other nice touch from Explain Everything, is they provide a their manual as an iBook. Therefore, our support process for staff is made slightly simpler. Install, and read the iBook, then contact us. The Manual introduces them to more potential than we’d cover by focussing on just the screencasting aspect.


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