ocTEL Activity 0.1: My big question

My big question … well, where do I start 🙂

My big question is about how I might use TEL focused MOOCs delivered by other organisations and individuals to develop lecturers at University Campus Suffolk in technology enhanced learning? As with most institutions we have a limited capacity to provide staff development and tend to focus on a set number of themes and technologies. Therefore, MOOCs offer a very exciting opportunity to provide both breadth and depth to our staff development provision. However, I’m particularly interested in trying to understand;

  1. What is the appropriate model to help staff at UCS navigate this learning space? Is it simply, encourage participation or should there be follow ups and milestones either during or post the activity? For instance, coffee catch ups? Alternatively, should a member of the Elevate Team participate in the MOOC?
  2. How much of the discussions and innovative ideas from the MOOC are transferable to our processes and systems? As a central staff development team how can the Elevate Team help facilitate this transfer?
  3. How might we motivate staff to participate? What might be the most effective / appropriate approach?
  4. What can we transfer from this MOOC to the design of our own online provision?

I’m not sure if I’ll have answers to these questions at the end of the course, however, I’ll hopefully have a more thoughtful insight and set of further questions I’ll need to answer.



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