ocTEL (open course in technology enhanced learning) – my first thoughts

I have signed up for the ocTEL MOOC provided by the Association of Learning Technologist (http://octel.alt.ac.uk/). Given I’ll be reflecting and sharing lots I’ve decided to make my journey through the course public, as opposed to using my e-Portfolio space.

My first impression was slight sense of panic as I had 140 odd emails in my inbox from participants discussing their big question. This was slightly off putting. However, the ocTEL induction (activity posting) by week was really useful to help me get some sense of control over what was evolving.

After reading the Induction activity (http://octel.alt.ac.uk/course-materials/induction-activities/) I sensed the clear message that I needed to take some ownership over my activity, identify how much time I am willing to commit each week (10 week course) and what strategy I am doing to adopt to make my time as effective as possible. Therefore, my strategy is as follows:

  • dedicate 30 minutes on each Monday to read the weeks activities. At this stage I’ll dedicated time to attending the weekly webinar (every wednesday), 60 minutes for reflecting on an item in the further reading section, a coffee a day to check out what is happening on the ocTEL Twitter feed (#ocTEL), and 60 minutes a week to browse the discussion forums and write a summary reflection on my Blog. This is quite a commitment, about 3 hours per week (30 hours in total).

I’ve decided my further reading for this week will be “What is the theory that underpins our MOOCs” by George Siemens (http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/2012/06/03/what-is-the-theory-that-underpins-our-moocs/)


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