Benchmarking our student online assignment planning tool: we’d love to see yours

At the moment we have a project involving all three teams in Learning Resources at UCS to develop a student online assignment planning tool. We had our first planning meeting facilitated by the Elevate Team for the Subject Librarians this morning. This was the kick of meeting so focused around a very orthodox scoping approach (see

Part of the session involved benchmarking our ideas with existing resources. We picked the ASK system from the University of Staffordshire –

This resource has strongly influenced our aims and design (as we rather like it). We would look to enhance this approach through (in no order);

  1. Including a discipline focus to allow more inclusion of specific additional resources and the appropriate person to talk to within the support teams. This might be through selecting a programme or division title.
  2. The ability to take the output (timeline) and download an iCal file for the student to upload into their calendar systems. This would include info based on listed dates around last date reminder to request inter library loans, or Learning Development workshop dates
  3. Inclusion of a diagnostic, where am I quiz, to focus on how confident the person might be at completing a certain task. The feedback within this pre (diagnostic) quiz will include reference to certain sections of the online planning tool
  4. The need to cluster the information around iterative tasks which are owned by key teams (library, learning development). Try to make it less linear and encourage revisiting sections of the activity as the student is progressing with their work
  5. More holistic checklist for the process, so a student could use the checklist as a point of reference to reflect on their work.
  6. More multimedia and seek the opportunity of developing a story narrative. It would be really useful to include student stories (videos) of achieving key aspects to help others set this in context.

It looks like our inputs would be:

  1. Submission date
  2. Assignment type
  3. Discipline (School?)

What it will not involve …

  1. Authentication
  2. Recording information for revisiting by the user

The question I have for the readers is … have you developed a student online assignment planning tool which we could review?





  1. jPodcaster

    Andy – re: 3 – we are developing a ‘where am I’ diagnostic quiz for students in relation to digital literacies. Not sure how useful it would be for your purposes but drop me a line if you’d like to see it. The code is CC licensed.


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