Yet another … Future of TEL in Higher Education presentation :-)

Yesterday I presented at a Teachers Conference at UCS on a future vision of learning in HE with new technologies. This was to give them a sense of how their students are likely to learn in the HE environment of the future (short to medium term).

The presentation is available from:

This type of session is always a challenge for me, as although I love innovative technologies, when I explore the likely future for large scale adoption across an institution (and a sector) I tend to finish up being hyper-conservative (!!). The problem I always encounter is the HE (institutional) context. HE institutions tend to be very slow at the transfer of learning innovations (we live in a world of silos, and mis-matched motivations and rewards), institutions tend to lack a coordinated and effective staff development programme (individual institution owned, while we must remember the HEA PSF is not a national PGCE), while autonomy in technology at the course level leads to fragmentation and uncertainty across the institution.

Therefore, I did have a wry smile as I revisited a presentation I made at an Eduserve Symposium on the future vision of a mobile university in 2010 ( Again, we’ve not made significant progress against this very conservative vision.

However, don’t dispare, things can change … we can use the Collis et al., 4 E’s model as a framework, and add a sprinkling of course team development initiatives (Uni of Ulster Viewpoints) with a dollop of digital literacies, and the TEL future can be very bright and effective 🙂



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