Mocking up a learning design to connect an e-book with an institutional learning platform

As part of our ongoing discussion around distance learning courses, we have two programmes which are very interested in providing their students with a tablet on registration (type yet to be determined) and design and deliver the bulk of the learning material via ebooks. The expectation is they will collect evidence and data as they progress through the course and these will be shared and submitted through various forms into institutional tools, such as Blackboard (VLE) and/or Mahara (e-Portfolio). The collection process will take advantage of the multimedia and location aware nature of Tablets.

The Elevate Team have been actioned to illustrate how course teams can take advantage of the ebook format (content presentation, rich multimedia, students making personal notes, and easy distribution of updates and versions), while overcoming the drawbacks of them being inward looking and individual. So, we wanted to harness through this concept that academics could easily design in the principles of the learner being active, needing to be reflective, provide the potential of collaborative learning and designing in feedback.

One of our visions is the ebook will encourage the individual to access the more interactive, collaborative learning spaces within the institutional VLE. For instance, the use of objective tests, journals, wikis and discussion forums. This is relatively straight forward as most VLE vendors provide increasing sophisticated mobile apps. So using shortcuts on the tablet will let them easily navigate between the ebook and the learning platform. The ebook will allow a more satisfactory user experience to access pre-written content.

Our first design (iteration number 1) is linked below:

The next stage is to share this with various academic teams for feedback. Take these points onboard and complete the rest of the e-book to explore the publishing options.


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