If you needed to write a paper on what MOOCs offer in HE to Uni task group … would you put the following in it?

This is my crowd sourcing phase of developing a short (6 side) briefing paper for a University task and finish group on what roles might MOOCs play at our University. The following paper aims to give the background information and set the context for a further discussion. The intended audience is members of UCS’s Open and Distance Learning Group. The aims will be achieved through answering;

  1. what are the key characteristics of a MOOC?
  2. why offer a MOOC?
  3. what is the MOOC assessment model?
  4. what is a typical student profile on a MOOC?
  5. what is the student learning experience of a MOOC?
  6. what are the resource requirements for developing MOOCs?
  7. is FutureLearn the future of UK HE MOOCs?
  8. what might a UCS MOOC Strategy look like?

My first stab is available from the link below, and I’d love any comments, pointers or steers 🙂

I’ll be keeping edit options open until the 17th July, 2013.



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