Feedback on i(e)book design

Firstly, a thanks to those who downloaded the i(e)book I mentioned previously and fed back their thoughts. It seemed to have been well received and respondents thought it was engaging, especially around the level of control and the good use of audio and images. Someone mentioned they liked the conversations with experienced staff, and the use of instructional videos.

A few pointers to bring into the second version is to

  • make the audio more consistent, as the volume changed depending on the piece. This is not a surprise as they were recorded on different devices, in different places at different times. Oh, to have an AV room 🙂
  • make the videos (annotated talk over powerpoints) larger so the material is easier to read. In fact, I should include instructions on how to display the video full screen.
  • the use of interactive questions seemed to create problems. Especially, around the click here for more feedback. To be honest, it would be really useful if they rolled feedback options into the question. However, given the constraints, I look at the page design and instruction information.

Thanks again … really useful feedback 🙂

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