Including inline audio feedback in student work – is iAnnotate the answer?

The course team requirements are to be able to annotate feedback to include inline text comments, and inline audio comments. The team are keen to use the simplest technology as possible. I suggested solution would be we’d to loan the three members of the course team an ipad and stylus each, and provide them with the iAnnotate app. This app is close to our hearts as we’ve had success using this app for inline text comments during a pilot with a course team in School of Science, Technology & Health.

However, the use of inline audio comments will be interesting as we’ll need to revisit the distribution process. The original files will be submitted via the VLE (LearnUCS), and shared to iPads (probably via Google Drive). The question is, how can we get the audio files off? Does anyone have a how to guide?

An alternative, might be the use of the Inline Grading Tool (depending developments within the mobile app).




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