Snapshot use of VLE (LearnUCS): Identifying the sample size

For noting, we’ve have identified 745 modules on LearnUCS which are classified as active during 2012/13. The definition of active is the course is set as available (the default at UCS is unavailable) and has a person enrolled as an instructor (we do not auto enrol instructors / lectures on courses at UCS).

The sample size (95% confident, +/- 5%) is 254 (based on

To identify the courses which will form this statistically significant sample population I’ve used the following condition in Google Spreadsheet to randomly select 245 rows (module IDs) from the 745 rows (module IDs). This will create the random sample:

=ArrayFormula(FILTER( SORT(‘Sheet1’!A1:A745;RANDBETWEEN( 0+ROW(‘Sheet1’!A:A) ; ROWS(‘Sheet1’!A:A)); TRUE); ROW(‘Sheet1’!A:A)<=254))

The data collection work has been allocated to week commencing 19th August (approximately 50 modules per day)

For more info read


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