Digital literacy self assessment for students: iTest

I have been reflecting on how we (UCS) might include the iTest from Exeter of University in our digital literacy programme. The iTest is available from:

It acts as a means for a student to self reflect through completing 30 questions, which are clustered around 6 types (digital guru, online networker, digital dodger, information junkie, career builder and media mogul). After which the individual will plot their scores on a radar graph to see their relative positions and access some information to encourage them to use available support to improve their score (if they wish).

For instance, as you would expect from a Learning Technologist, I scored very high on most of them, expect the digital dodger 🙂

The question would be, how do we help people interpret the results, and what would they expect to do next? In terms of interpretation, I’d suggest we should be encouraging people to reflect on what they got, and aim to try to increase their scores on all, apart from minimising the digital dodger score. In terms of where next we focus on the directing students to the student support functions provided by the Elevate Team, the Library and Learning Development.

In many of the ways for you to develop, they refer to “Make use of the University’s ICT Training”. This could be locally modified as;

If you’d like to talk to someone about ways to develop this skill you can attend a student surgery session on technologies for learning provided by the Elevate Team, or a session by the Learning Development Team. For more information, visit the UCS Ipswich Library, or visit Learning Resources area on MyUCS

So, how might we encourage students to complete the self assessment iTest? At this stage (given I don’t want to dedicate resource to creating an interactive version), it will need to be as a static web resource, linked from a variety of student resource pages. A good starting place would be the Learning Technologies area within Learning  Resources page on Student MyUCS page.


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