Participating in MOOCs and motivating my engagement: part 1

I’ve just started another MOOC. This one is by Google, through the Google Analytics Academy (Digital Analytics Fundamentals). My motivation is on a number of levels, including learning design, quality, assessment and feedback. As well as I thought this would be quite interesting given I use (rather badly) digital analytics on a number of work systems.

I’m planning on blogging on how to maximise my motivation to complete the course. What are the approaches they adopted to encourage me not just to stay on track but to become increasingly intrinsically motivated. I’d suggest at the moment I’ve more extrinsic reasons to complete (my badge, lessons from their design). So will this change, or will I stay very strategic and view this as CPD?

My first observation, which is the importance of ensuring not only does it works on mobile / tablet device but it is a really enjoyable experience engaging through these types of devices. I’m aware we all say it’s important to make it mobile friendly. But to find I’m not going to have to really on a desktop / laptop (which given the number of kids I’ve got is actually quite difficult to do at home) is important. So a big plus. It does mean I can very easily log on for 20 minutes a day to complete an activity. My perceived barriers to participation have fallen. I’m undertaking this MOOC because I want to know more about digital analytics, and I can complete it easily from my tablet device. Perfect ….


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