Motivating my engagement with Google MOOCs: Part 2

Well I’m making progress with the Google Analytics MOOC (50% of the units completed)

The learning model at the start is very simple, it is a didactic delivery via a video and a set of objective questions. Some observations which we’ll need to consider when designing our courses is to think about the text version of the video. For instance, I’ve found a useful approach is to scan through the video and read the text version. This is better aligned to the questions being asked. Therefore, we’ll need to think through design and layout of the text document. Another advantage of of accessing text version on the iPad is I can open it in app and save it for offline access ๐Ÿ™‚ So I can take the emerging resources with me.

Another observation is how effective is the additional reading they provide? These tend to be listed as a set of bullet points. I’ve found no reason to follow up on these links, and this hasn’t been a requirement to complete the task. Therefore, to help me (the strategic learner) realise how important the additional reading is, I’d suggest we include specific reference to the additional reading in the video / text, with a set of reflective questions to initially engage interest, and provide scaffolding when reading.

Finally, it is slightly annoying I can’t revisit the tests / activities I have completed, where I can see my answers. It appears (unless I’m doing something wrong) I can’t access my previous answered activities. This means I can’t reflect on my previous attempts. I’d suggest over a longer course, with more granular activities this is a limitation for the learner.

It looks like the learning design is changing. There looks like a shift from passive watch & read towards a more hands-on approach, where I’ll need to start building and doing stuff in Google Analytics and the hangouts will start.


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