The Google Analytics course is over … what can I take from it?

Well, I’ve done it. I passed with 83% and I have my certificate 🙂



So, what have I learnt? Apart from there is lots more to google analytics than meets the eye, and I really need to find some thinking space to work out how to set up my campaigns, goals, and filters.

Well, the course design certainly meets the aims of the course, through the use of small chunked tasks based around videos, text info, more reading and objective tests I got there. However, did I really enjoy it? I’d say at the start yes, however, by the end, no. In fact by the end my enthusiasm had dipped and I completed the last few questions in the assessment through trial and error. So, probably not the best learning activity. I did think the final assessment was rather repetitive. It did make me  wonder, would I have dropped out in the second week if it wasn’t for my need to audit the experience.

The question would be, does the learning design need to be changed to maintain my motivation? Well, I’d actually suggest no. There where opportunities for me to engage with others (which I didn’t do). The course team did encourage me to connect and participate in a community of practice. Therefore, I was aware, but I simply choose not participate.

In terms of informing designs at UCS, I’d suggest for the skills and knowledge acquisition level the Google model would work well. We can use the approach to develop our digital literacy skills in our staff and students. We could tweak the design to make it more case study driven. However, I would suggest we make the courses shorter (a few hours of activity) and build in a face to face meeting to discuss the wider issues of applying within their teaching and learning.





One comment

  1. Santosh Rajan

    Great post Andy.

    I was thinking of taking the course shortly and you have helped me learn what I can expect.
    I am no stranger to Google Analytics but I am no expert either. Hopefully, Google has tweaked the course as per your suggestions by the time I start. If they have, I will definitely reach out to you and let you know.

    Looking forward to reading more from you.

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