Design considerations for open online taster course: iteration three

BASENDS_Open_Online_TasterVery good meeting with course team around the open online taster course. The aim is to have version one rolled out by the time the first face to face taster session runs at Ipswich (12th April).

An aim from us is to ensure the learner is active, therefore, the inclusion of a diagnostic quiz, and an objective quiz around the learning material. This should encourage and reward participation, and the feedback will introduce the idea that the intension of the programme is to unpack these issues. There will also be the inclusion of the discussion spaces for people to comment on the broader reflective questions asked. Although, these will not actively monitored by the course team.

We are intending to use the CourseSites service, include Badges (another area we are keen to develop), and we’ll bring this into the BA SENDS Validation event in March, to reassure the panel about the staff development initiatives / capacity in terms of statements on validation forms (yet another area we are keen to develop).


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