Mock up of online taster course: It is developing staff capacity :-)

As discussed in previous posts, we (UCS) are developing a number of online taster courses with course teams. The aims of these are numerous, however, from my perspective a key aim is drive a more cross team collaborative development model, where the e-learning developers work closer with the academics to develop appropriate and effective learning activities.

Aaron will be writing a more detailed, reflective evaluation of the first course which will be published via our Elevate Team blog (

The underpinning aim from a staff capacity perspective is, will it enable the effective diffusion of a technology innovation through working effectively with opinion leaders. The challenge from the e-learning team perspective is identifying who are the opinion leaders for academic teams? However, I digress … the embedded video illustrates the first draft of the online course.

So, how will we use it? The simplest model will be to present it at the next course meeting, which will include all Module Leaders.

Reflecting on the current design, I’d argue this will introduced a large number of ideas the course team in an easily digestible, authentic approach;

  1. the use of objective testing within the learning design using the Blackboard quiz tool
  2. integration of learning logs within learning design using the Blackboard Journal tool
  3. ownership and chunking of learning tasks through the been reviewed function
  4. learning from others through the discussion tool
  5. multimedia intensive delivery with the use of third party and home grown videos

Another key observation is the course team will get exposure to a more integrated learning design, which uses the appropriate tool for the job. This is really important as it will allow members of the course team to internalise how they might use similar approaches within their learning activities, while also reassuring them of the cross team commitment from the Elevate Team.

The video illustrates the emerging product for the initial xMOOC-esk course. The follow up course for those registering will be a second course which is designed more as a cMOOC.


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