First pilot of issuing open badges: reflection is an explicit requirement

David Mullett has been working hard on developing an open badge generator for us at UCS, which will allow us to create, and distribute open badges (recognising skill development, achievements, and knowledge) for those who attend and complete the required milestones on either our face to face or online staff and student development programme.

The generator connects to the Mozilla OpenBadges API, to allow the badge to be included with in an individuals portfolio. More information is available from:

A common request is around providing badges as evidence from attending one day events, such as our Teaching and Learning Day, or Research Colloquium. This offers us a particular challenge, as an objective of our organised development programme is the session forms part of an individual’s long term learning development path. Therefore, I’m not keen to provide badges unless there is an explicit reflective task for the individual to complete. The tension is created with the one day conference model as the session design does not automatically include reflective and where next milestones. While when we mention this to the conference organisers they don’t wish to accommodate reflective sessions within the timetable.

To reduce this tension we are piloting the creation of badges for three events at UCS (Learning and Teaching Day, Research Colloquium and Open Badge Generator) where there is a requirement for the individual to claim the badge they need to submit (within 2 weeks) a reflective statement (managed by a google form, which includes their email). This email address is matched to the attendance list, and if reflection is occurring within the statement we issue them a badge. The pilot is to identify if the workload is sustainable and scaleable for the person issuing the badges.

The implementation involves a short session on the day (10 minutes) to introduce the concept of an open badge, provision of flyers and posters which outlines how they claim the badge, some online FAQs, and the creation of the bespoke google form.





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