Developing a sprint approach to writing our CMALT Portfolios

Well this is a long time in the making 🙂 I’ve previously blogged about developing a community of practitioners at UCS who have a CMALT accreditation. The intention is to develop more capacity and buzz across the institution. This recent idea (!!) is outlined at:

We (the Elevate Team) are going to dedicate a three day sprint to enable us to work up our portfolios, in a creative, collaborative environment. The expected outcome is we’ll have a nearly complete version (short of a few supporting statements) which will be further developed on an individual basis for submission around October.

The proposed sprint structure is as follows:

Pre-sprint activities

Sprint activities

  • Day 1: Meet up (9.30 to 10.00), review the good and bad examples, mind maps of sections with our evidence, targets for the day
  • Day 2: Meet up (9.30 to 10.00), what have achieved, what want to achieve? Meet up (3.30 to 4.00) what did achieve, what are the stumbling blocks
  • Day 3: Meet up (9.30 to 10.00), how are we doing? What else do we need? Meet up (3.30 to 4.00) closure: where next

At the end of the process, I’ll blog about how it went, did we achieve the overall objective of developing our CMALT portfolios to a standard which will require dotting some i’s, and crossing some t’s.



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