Excel support and the self diagnostic quiz (step 3)

I’ve recently been posting a lot around developing an online provision which will allow us to roll out skills development around Excel (and other IT packages). This has focussed on the idea of setting a diagnostic quiz, which if they reach the minimum requirement (80%) they are not required to attend the lecture. The driver being a large number of these students will already by able to complete the required skills / competencies around using the tool (our using the support material they can learn). We need to spend time on those who are struggling.

Overall, it seems to be going very well. I have worked through a simple communication plan which aims to encourage students to complete the quiz (perhaps they are strategically motivated by, do this or you need to attend the lecture). While the marking is very low resource. I’ll improve this for the next iteration (end of October) by including a pool of objective questions based on the data set. This means they can get feedback asap.

The next question, must be … what happens if they don’t do it, or if they don’t make the 80% pass mark? Well, the plan is very simply, given the numbers should be low, I’ll set them in groups, give them the task, check the outputs and sign them off. The handout will have info about how to access the online support materials.

The decision tree is ….

1) Did they complete the online diagnostic?

  • Yes
    • If yes, did they pass?
      • if yes, sign off
    • If no, email them they need to attend the session
  • No
    • Email them to attend the session

2) Did they attend the face to face session, and complete the task?

  • Yes
    • Update the report register
  • No
    • Update the report register

3) Email Report Register to Module Leader

Given this is a skills / competency activity, these can be quickly rolled out, and we are much more flexible in terms of who runs the face to face event

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