Int Learning Design Challenge – Wk 3 – Thoughts

I’m participating (more listening) to the Int Learning Design Challenge which is being run by Prof Diana Laurillard, Institute of Education. We are into week 3, and today’s session included a couple of interesting strategies. These were interesting as I’ve been wondering about how the learning designs might achieve this, and I face the discussions with lecturers on a regular basis.

Firstly, the use of a peer group discussion pyramid. This tries to overcome people who may lurk within discussions, ensuring they all contribute, but does acknowledge an individual’s participation is influenced by a number of factors. The use of a pyramid model, involves,

  • stage 1 – personal reflection on the question
  • stage 2 – create a group, with two people, they discuss the question
  • stage 3 – create a group by combing two stage 2 groups, and they discuss the question
  • stage 4 – create a group by combining two stage 3 groups, and they discuss the question

This model might be used at the start of an online course, as it will help within the online socialisation.

The second idea focusses on strategies to encourage students to create something which can have formative feedback provided, however, finding an innovative and scaleable solution. There was lots of examples around peer assessment, however, something which struck me was the idea of the student creating a 5 minute video “news style report”. With clear and achievable learning objectives this should be a rich learning opportunity, which is scaleable – I’m happy to watch and comment on a 5 minute video.




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