Flipped Classroom: Study skills – Creating a flowchart

I thought it might be useful to talk through the next iteration of use moving ICT Study Skills workshops to an online model. This builds on the previous posts around developing flipped classroom models for excel, with the underpinning principle, live is a normal distribution, therefore, 80% of our students can already complete this task. So, our face to face session should be for those who can’t, and need help.

The general session plan is outlined in the embedded flow chart. This might have a few tweaks, as I’ll need to finalise stuff Tom.

Some enhancements on the previous model include;

  1. clearer sign posting in an earlier lecturer about the task and the decisions they need to make
  2. we are going to recommend specific software (http://www.lucidchart.com)
  3. the online support material will be more structured (see http://ucselevate.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/getting-started-guides.html)
  4. both the online learners and the face to face workshop learners will need to submit their flow diagrams
  5. the submission process has been enhanced, it will involve them agreeing this is their work, and they can complete the tasks. It will also include a few multiple choice questions / free text on what buttons to push to complete the task. These questions will be a limited number from a question bank.
  6. Open badges will be provided as recognition they have completed this in-curriculum activity

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