Flubaroo … is this the last piece of our jigsaw puzzle?

We’ve been exploring the idea of creating small reusable learning objects for enhancing digital literacy for staff and students. A challenge we set ourselves is to explore the use of the google suite. This has focused on the use of Google Slides with embedded YouTube videos. The rationale being these work across devices, they are easy to author, very flexible with respect to content, simple to standardise (template) and maintain, and tweak.

For examples, see

These work really nicely, except around instant feedback within the learning design. For instance, the feedback is usually provided through integration within a course (online or face to face). However, there are requirement to provide instant feedback to the learner (and to us if they’ve been used), and we’ve started discussions around the use of gamification to unlock future resources, or courses. Both of the above would be need some sort of tracking, and quiz engine. However, the issue arises, we don’t want to use specialist tools such as Xerte or the VLE. So what do we use? Well, perhaps Flubaroo, which is an add-on to Google Forms to create an online assessment tool, is the tool for us.

An initial test shows great potential. We can author both objective and subjective questions, and it will provide automatic feedback, and we mark it feedback (which allows personalised feedback. The feedback process is through email (any email address) and it will populate a Google spreadsheet for responses. It uses Google Forms so the test creation component is really easy.

To get started, all you need is a google account, and this excellent guide by Eric Curtis >>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R284Rr2v-tl4Uu8e8_6z1MN9TLSdhVp2zRWAChviNf0/edit?usp=sharing




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