Google Docs: A nifty little merge add-on: AutoCrat

It’s unusual for me to get excited by software add-ons, but I do rather like AutoCrat for Google Sheets. This little add-on will allow me to create individual Google Docs with merged data from a Google Form. I can already hear you asking, why so excited? Well, a learning example I had in mind was a student needs to keep a number of structured reflections as part of their learning log, and I’d quite like to see the responses across the cohort, and ensure they are being completed. The Autocrat would allow them to complete an online google form, which will then auto generate an individual google doc based on a template of my choice. This document can be shared with the student, so they can include as evidence within their learning log, and I (the teacher) monitors responses across the cohort.

An alternative use is it offers a very simple way of generating a PDF Certificate of Achievement or Recognition for people attending and completing session.

I rather like is the way it scales, it includes automated email routes, and advanced settings to run for every form submitted. This reduces significantly the potential support burden. For more information, see:



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