Have we forgot the 70:20:10 model within our staff development model?

The 70:20:10 model has been used in various guises for staff training and development for many years, by many people. consequently, there are many criticisms of it, especially around the concept of is it simply for training? what about relative effectiveness of higher order learning, surely that needs space and time to develop? However, accepting these (and other) criticisms, it does give us a framework to reflect on our staff development provision.

The embedded video gives a very good overview of the 70:20:10 model.

Assuming this holds, what does it mean for staff development teams? Some things spring to mind …

  1. are we located in the best place? Are we too far from the staff? Should we not turn the hub and spoke model on its head, and adopt a ring doughnut approach where all the staff developers are co-located with the course teams, and where staff developers only come together occasionally?
  2. how accessible and digestible is our online and offline support materials? If they are on a task, can they access high quality materials when they need them, or does our current model actually create more barriers?
  3. if staff developers are co-located with course teams, what development package do the they need? have they a wide enough knowledge, skill and experience base to draw upon or are we too specialised?

So, lots of really interesting questions, from a short 5 minute video …..



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