Developing staff digital literacies for TEL: The Audit Questionnaire

This is Phase 3 of our emerging programme around developing digital capabilities in Staff (see earlier post for background).

This is a first iteration of the audit questionnaire. The following is an outcome of a discussion with the course leader around their current and future learning, teaching and assessment models. The intention is this will be completed by staff during a course team meeting, therefore, we have a window of about 15 minutes. After which, we’ll analyse the data and report (aggregated) back to the course leader, and follow up with some individuals for examples of use.

The intention of the audit is to identify skill levels, and steer the design of the staff development model. The debrief with the course leader will identify areas for whole course team development sessions, and our individual support provision.

It will be really interesting to see how the audit questionnaire changes by different course team or Department.

The Digital Literacy Capabilities Audit questions are;

1. Can you complete the following tasks in LearnUCS?

1.x.1: Who would you contact about enrolling students / staff / externals examiners on your modules? – Module Leader / Course Administrator / Elevate Team / Other
1.x.2: Have you accessed the online help available in every LearnUCS course menu: LearnUCS Staff Support – Yes / No
1.x.3: Do you regularly use the Announcements tool to keep students updated on course news? – Yes / No
1.x.4: Do you regularly use the task Tool to provide guidance to students on what to complete by when? – Yes / No
1.x.5: Do you use date controls or adaptive release to control access to information – Yes / No
1.x.6: Can you embed a static image into a content item? – Yes / No
1.x.7: Can you embed a YouTube Video into a content item? – Yes / No
1.x.8: Do you know about copyright free image banks / online resources? – Yes / No
1.x.9: Do you use advanced search in Google Images / YouTube to find copyright cleared material? – Yes / No
1.x.10: Can you create a discussion board forum in LearnUCS – Yes / No
1.x.11: Have you used discussion boards in your teaching (during the last 12 months) – Yes / No
1.x.12: Would you like to use a discussion board in your teaching? – Yes / No
1.x.13: Have you used the LearnUCS inline grading tool to mark student work online? (during last 12 months) – Yes / No
1.x.14: Have you printed student work and annotate / mark by hand? (during last 12 months) – Yes / No
1.x.15: If you have marked work online, do you tend to attach a file in the feedback? – Yes / No
1.x.16: Would you prefer to mark by hand (print and annotate script) compared to marking online (onscreen) – Yes / No
1.x.17: Have you used the LearnUCS test (quiz) tool (during the last 12 months) – Yes / No
1.x.18: If you have used the LearnUCS test (quiz) tool is it for – Formative assessment / Summative assessment / Both
1.x.19: Have you created groups in LearnUCS (during the last 12 months) – Yes / No
1.x.20: Have you used the Wiki tool in LearnUCS for group work (during the last 12 months) – Yes / No
1.x.21: Have you required students to use the Blog tool in LearnUCS (during the last 12 months) – Yes / No

1.1. Clickers
1.1.1: Do you use clickers in your face to face teaching sessions? – Yes / No
1.1.2: Have you used the TurningPoint software in Powerpoint to create a clicker questions (during the last 12 months) – Yes / No
1.1.3: Would you like to use a classroom voting tool to gather input from students in face to face teaching – Yes / No

1.2. OMR (bubble sheets)
1.2.1: Have you worked with the Elevate Team to create a multiple choice exam using the bubble sheet (OMR) software – Yes / No

1.3. Social Media in TL&A
1.3.1: Do you encourage students to use Twitter to discover and share information as part of your teaching? – Yes / No
1.3.2: Which of the following do you use in your work or personal life? – Twitter / Facebook / Google Docs & Slides / Pinterest / YouTube
1.3.3: In the last 12 months, have you taken a photo or video on your phone (tablet) and emailed / shared it with a friend – Yes / No

2. Which of the following would you be happy to help colleagues (Course Team or Department) on using?


2.1: Using the clickers (creating questions, using in class) – Yes / No
2.2: Using the LearnUCS Discussion Board – Yes / No
2.3: Marking online using the LearnUCS inline grading tool – Yes / No
2.4: General use of LearnUCS (managing menus, creating folders, adding content, including multimedia) – Yes / No
2.5: Advice on using the OMR (bubble sheets) for exams – Yes / No

3. What other tools have you used?

4. What tools would you like to know about?

5. What do you consider are the three main factors which act as a barrier to your adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning?

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