Digital Capabilities: What are the (tangible) outcomes?

As the dust settles on the first phase of developing the digital capabilities within a course team, (we’ve completed the audit), so you ask, what are the tangible outcomes?

I’d suggest the short term outcomes are as follows;

  1. the development of a course team specific support page (see video below).
  2. the implementation of a simple communication plan
  3. auditor & team leader agree on staff development priorities based on audit analysis
  4. auditor emails all participants concerning the results, and where to take this next in terms of ongoing support (face to face, and online)
  5. the appropriate member of the TEL staff development team agrees to;
    • be based in their course team office at certain times of the week
    • will collect stories of TEL use and share these on the support page (one per month)
    • is invited to attend course team meetings
    • sets up a regular (quarterly) review with the course team leader about progress and opportunities
    • maintains the online support page, including; creating / updating guides, writing appropriate discussion papers, adding stories etc.,
    • develops an evaluation framework to be able to answer the questions, has it worked?

Course Team Specific Support Page

The following video is a proof of concept to gather feedback and ideas from staff on what they might need as a “one stop shop”. The expectation is the worked up version will in using a different tool.

Image: With Thanks (free to use and share):


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