Digital Capabilities: What are the (tangible) outcomes for SBS?

We completed the first stage of the Digital Skills Audit for SBS at UCS. This covered 11 staff members. The initial broad outcomes to be feedback to HoD and TEL Lead will include;

  1. The key barriers to adopting TEL are; staff time to explore the technology, and seeing an educational application where it enhances existing practice.
  2. Timetable a number of bespoke sessions for staff development sessions on specific tools (Wikis, Blogs & Clickers). These need to be driven by a discussion on educational application, especially within UK HE Business education.
  3. The preference for marking assignments by hand is still high within this cohort (50% preferred to mark by hand). This is connected to hardware and room issues.

From our (Learning Services) perspectives it is clear we need to ensure;

  1. All staff are aware of the online, in course help documents (50% of respondents had not accessed it)
  2. Create a how to guide on why and how of effectively using Tasks in their modules (70% of respondents had not used the Task tool)
  3. Create a how to guide on the why and how to use quizzes in their modules (70% of respondents had not used the quiz tool)

The challenge of time and educational application could be addressed through exploring a more developmental staff development package. For instance, the taking a small number of staff for half day workshops on educational design within a TEL environment. This should to be delivered within a problem based learning design.


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