Small scale use of learner analytics … oh, that is actually quite useful

As the academic year closes its time to review our system usage and assess impact. For me, one of these systems, is the use of CourseSites.Com as a platform for delivering our Open Online Courses around study skills development and provision. We’ve been piloting the design and development over this academic year (see

There are a number of advantages of using CourseSites, one of which is we can use the Achievements tool to offer Badges as recognition learners completed the course. To achieve the badge the learner needs to have reviewed certain items and completed a number of online tests. This allowed us to report on individuals engagement at quite a granular level. This process has highlighted some interesting outcomes, one of which was to answer the question, why had so few people achieved the open badge for the Information Sources course? The answer was 15 people (out of 21) had completed all the activities up to the last two. These two were deployed at the same time. The majority of people (10 out of 15) completed the end of session test, and only a few also completed the Summon Search Task (5 out of 15). Importantly, you need to complete both to be awarded the badge. So the design needs to be tweak will be to ensure these tasks are released individually.

So, the “oh, that is actually quite useful” is when implemented it allows the design team another route to find out how people engaging, navigating and exiting the learning design. We can then reflect and try to answer the question, why?


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