Competency based learning: have you any examples outside health studies?

I’ll be off on my travels soon to present at a Teaching and Learning Forum. The topic they’d like me to focus on is competency based learning. The audience is very diverse, from senior managers, academics, support teams (curriculum design), and sys admins. So, I’m thinking, the following should resonate in part with all of them (40 minutes listening to me, ranting about a topic close to my heart, but not theirs might be a tall order for some in the audience).

However, what I do need is some research findings, and case studies which are not from non-medical / health discipline areas. For instance, is competency based learning being used to teach undergraduate social scientists?

So if you know of any materials, links please ping them to me – thanks 🙂

The Abstract:

Competency based learning has a rich history in medical and health education. The key characteristic is student progression based on demonstrating a proficiency and/or mastery of specific skills or abilities, as measured through assessments. This contrasts with the more traditional learning design with a fixed-time model (a semester or year). Competency based learning advocates suggested student engagement is higher through the creation of personalized learning pathways which are tailored to their unique needs.

Recent innovations in Technology Enhanced Learning have reduced the barriers to designing, implementing a monitoring a competency based learning model. For instance, the ease by which Goals and Achievements are set within Blackboard Learn, and enhanced reporting through Learning Analytics. Therefore, a number of perceived barriers have disappeared, which enables us to re-visit the possibilities of this learning model.

The aim of this presentation is to discuss the potential of adopting competency based learning within the context of the individual faculty member, and the wider institution. This will be achieved the through answering five questions; 

1. What are the characteristics of Competency Based Education (Learning)?

2. In what educational context has it be used effectively?

3. How might Competency Based Learning transfer to other disciplines?

4. From a Faculty perspective, what do the technology enhanced learning activities look like? What is good practice around how we design these activities?

5. From a Senior Managers perspective, how might we scale up Competency Based Education across a the institution?


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