Audience Task: Grade Journey Presentation #bbtlc16

As you maybe aware, Stephen Bryne and myself are presenting on “Optimising the Online Feedback and Grades Journey Experience” on Wednesday at the Blackboard TLC in Groningen.

The advertised session aims are:

  • What is the Grade Journey?
  • How will it help you achieve your strategic aims?
  • What lessons can we learn when implementing Grade Journey?
  • How might Blackboard help?

However, the unadvertised session aim is to encourage those attending to write an elevator pitch for a DVC/PVC/Rector or Provost in response to …

DVC asked the following question in a recent Education Committee Meeting:

Given all our pressing priorities, why should the institution invest the resource and effort to implement an enhanced grade journey?

Can you develop an elevator pitch to suggest … why?

You can write, video, record these wherever you like, just sharing using the tags: #bbtlc16 #gjelevator – for more info on elevator pitches, see


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