Achieving institutional adoption. ITTHE Session

20160604_121758The attached slide deck (see below) was used at a recent presentation (ITTHE 2016 Conference, Kadir Has University, Istanbul) focussing on, Achieving institutional wide adoption in Learning Technology

The key message was, institutional wide adoption of learning technology has little to do with technology, but a lot about managing institutional change.

The audience was predominantly lecturers (faculty members) with a sprinkling of Senior Managers and those in professional services. Given this audience, the intended aims where to ensure awareness of Blackboard’s ebook – 6 characteristics to increase technology adoption, provide an insight into the required alignment between leadership, institution commitment & investment and faculty training models on institutional wide adoption. The session included a number of activities to allow the participant the opportunity to reflect on where their institution currently resides on an adoption matrix.

The slides (PDF) are available from: ITTHE Istanbul Adoption Jun 16 final PDF

An wider observation from the day included significant interest around the effectiveness of flipped classroom learning models. A number of the research questions which presenters were addressing include;

  • Has the flipped classroom increased students engagement with the course?
  • Do students actually engage with the materials before class? What motivates them?
  • Do students prefer the flipped classroom approach compared to the traditional lecture?
  • What are the least favourite elements of a flipped classroom?
  • What problems do students encounter during the flipped classroom?
  • What factors reduce student motivation in the flipped classroom?
  • How would students design a flipped classroom activity?

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