Who is Andy?

DSC_0111Andy Ramsden is a Strategic Consultant within Blackboard International. He has been in post since July 2015.

Previous to this position, he was the e-Learning Development Manager at the University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich. He started in this role in October 2010. Previous to this post he was the Head of e-Learning at the University of Bath, and the VLE Operational Manager at the University of Bristol.

Over the recent time period, Andy has also been;

  • Communication Coordinator & Steering Group member of the UK Heads of e-Learning Forum (www.helf.ac.uk)
  • Chair of the JISC RSC Eastern Advisory Group

To keep informed with what he’s up to (work wise), visit

The disclaimer: These are not the opinions of Blackboard.

This blog is intended as an area for work related ideas, and sandpit to mull things over, keeps notes, shares thoughts and links to people. Therefore, this contains his opinions and these are not the views of Blackboard.

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