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Similar interests / desires with teams, ie move towards a position where ITS take on more responsibility for network, infrastructure. however, at the moment they’ve little resource, no money and a couple of big projects.

Would aim to work closer together in the short term, build up trust, understanding of the system, and then define responsibilities. A good starting point would be for us to describe the use scenarios, where we think the responsibilities lie, and discuss these between the teams.

For instance, by September, 2011


  • Write scripts and data pulls, integration with sits
  • Test and sign off service packs
  • Building blocks and enhancements
  • User support (help desk), after point of login
  • User support – staff development activity, user needs, service evaluation
  • User support – archive and recycle
  • liaising with the UK HEI VLE Community
  • Service evaluation


  • Maintenance of the servers
  • Installation of software on test and live systems
  • License
  • Installation of Building Blocks
  • Archive and storage
  • Maintenance of the Blackboard software
  • Running of scheduled maintenance work
  • Maintenance of hardware


Installation of service pack

1. Edu identify appropriate service pack has been released. Decide from a functional perspective if it is required by end users

2. Its identify if appropriate to install from security perspective

3. Edu and its decide if will be installed, and date .. If possible work to the monthly patch Friday, if not then fit in asap

4. Its install on test system

5. Edu test and sign off

6. Its install on live service

7. Edu test and sign off

8. Its update service documentation and files

9. Edu manage end user communication

QR Codes, Mark Ames and campus induction

The outcomes of a really good meeting with Mark Ames around the use of QR Codes for campus inductions is the following. This offers a really good opportunity to maintain the profile of the technology, and look for value added applications.

I’ll present at the next Induction Operations Group (7th June?). This will be an authentic activity, similar to the suggested role out.

Collect a audio story about the building, i.e., a 3 minute mp3. Which contains a number of different voices. For demo purposes I’ll create one around the e-leanring Team in Wessex House. i.e., what we do, impact, interesting stuff etc.,

This will be delivered in a similar way to the e-learning podcast model, i.e., a blog (contains audio file – link to audio file) and some blurb, including an explicit link to encouraging people to leave comments. However, it is not going to be rss’d so we could look at using

An A5 laminated card will be created, this will contain the QR Code directly to the audio file, a short url to the specific blog post about the building (this will include a statement to encourage them to leave their thoughts and comments) and info to

We’ll monitor the use of the site through google analytics, and see if we can how to track the number of click throughs to the audio file from the QR Code.

If the induction operations group think this is an interesting innovation and should be rolled out, then I’ve agreed on the following.

Mark Ames provides the list of buildings (upto 4) and a list of people to talk to. e-learning arrange to record 1 minute voxpop style discussions, and create a short (5 minute) audio track for each of the buildings. We then create the blog, supporting material and the A5 laminated sheets.

I’ll suggest to Vic / James they can lead on the recording etc., and use a very similar methodology (template) to our e-learning podcast.

Some questions which spring to mind our …

  1. what are the aims of the University’s central e-learning team? Andy to answer
  2. what do you think is a major achievement by the e-learning team this year? Andy & Nitin to answer … link to OPuS / Blog evidence
  3. how does e-learning work in the departments? Geraldine, Rachel and Rania to answer
  4. as a student, how will I work with the e-learning team? Andy to answer