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Workshop administration

I’ve consulted verball;y with lots of people, and I think the following is the best way to manage our workshops, lunchtime sessions. Could I suggest that we run with this for 6 months, monitor it and then review. The driver for these changes is the efficient use of time and most effective uses of resource admin support and workshop facilitators.


Responsibilities for Sian (admin support)

  • managing the bookings, i.e., monitoring the ac-dev email, adding them to trent, and complete the procedure once the rosters have been signed.
  • administrating the courses – adding the details on the LTEO web site. Please note, this will be done once based on the information given to her by the e-learning team. If there are any changes, such as typos etc., then the e-learning team will be responsible to make these changes on the LTEO web site.
  • booking rooms and catering – please note catering will not be required for BUCS IT Rooms, as there will be coffee and tea facilities in place. We will arrange the bookings of the workshops in BUCS IT. If the rooms are viewed as particularly difficult to find then admin will supply some generic directions (a4 page, arrow and name of room & event).

Responsibilities for elearning team

  • check trent to … see about cancelling the workshop (x days in advance – need to confirm).
  • print Roster on day of event
  • check if the catering turned up (if appropriate) if not then phone Sian (or Laura) who will chase up
  • hand the signed / completed rosters back to Admin Support
  • pick up print outs of directions from Admin and put up near room. Also remove after the event