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Google apps for education



Martin hamilton …. Head of Internet services, uni of Loughborough … Google email etc.,

Access from anywhere

Google apps person

8 core apps, with 64 which can be added

Keep informed …. What is new in google apps … Search, and links to google calendar, look at google apps for education, integration tab.

Check out …. Costs of a google apps, hosted service using our ldap / ad

Questions … Nice use of google moderator

Use with students …. Uni of Chester …. Use of google with a document which follows them. Used google sites, use as an e-portfolio, with integration into assessed work.

Use with staff, google motion path, put in the assessment data, and see workloads etc.,

What is a chrome book … Runs google os, as dummy type terminal. 15 per month if centrally managed … Kind of mac os approach, locked down in terms of virus control.