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Moodle & BUCS Engineering Weekend

The BUCS engineering weekend is 27th March – 29th. Systems will be powered down at 5.30 on Friday, and available for users by 8am on Monday.

Things to think about:

  • we need to publicise this with users through the Blog – update with material coming from BUCS.  Draw up a communication plan. We’ll need to get the RSS working on the Moodle Staff Area so that the info is automatically included. Also, a statement on the Moodle Staff Course.
  • If people want to follow in more detail then … Twitter:  BUCSnews
  • I’ve agreed with Dave to include a statement on Moodle (red) at the weekend reminding people. Aim is to capture any offsite weekend users.
  • arrange Nitin / Lisa to complete the text plan (Sunday late afternoon / early evening). Any problems then Mark is available Sunday. Update Blog (if available) with the results / outcomes. This will need to be in place by Monday morning.
  • Disable the SAMIS link on Friday (27th) in afternoon.  Dom will have to do this – Taliesin is on leave


  • Dave is project manager, therefore, Moodle Sys Admin will be Mark Chappel.


  • Send Dave a copy of the test plan to include within the project wiki