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using camtasia movies …

As part of a wider review of online support then we need to decide on how we use Camtasia screen casts. I like them, however I think they have serious drawbacks when people implement them. In particular, they tend to be over long, they don’t include much interaction (so quite passive for the viewer), then are difficult to maintain, and time consuming to create. So our house style should include;

  • should be short. No more than 2 minutes.
  • don’t use audio … use callout etc.,
  • try to include activities so that the user isn’t passive – this might include building in jump (navigation) points.
  • use the zoom option and quiz to mix them up
  • don’t re-invent the wheel, if exisiting support pages exist which are being updated then direct them towards that.
  • likely publication point is the LMF

In terms of sustainability and appropriateness then should re-think our production model. We should actively encourage people to create their own and share these amongst the bath community. This should include advice on how to enhance the effectiveness of camtasis based learning objects, support, training and advice of how to publish them in such a way that they can be easily shared with the rest of the users at bath.

So where will that leave us? Well, the proposed development model is as follows, we select a relatively small number of topics for camtasia learning objects – say 15. these will be based around common activities that we are regularly asked, such as the getting started guide, or complicated interlinked processes, such as the use of the e-assessment tool. We’ll produce these with the student intern that we recruit over the summer.  The process will be that the LTO will agree on the style and the storyboard. Then they will work with the Intern to design the storyboard. The intern will create the first interaction for editing / discussion. Then when happy we will publish.