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thoughts on clicker lit review


My first thought is we need to better define what we are trying to answer with this lit review. I was thinking,

  • what different ways are clickers being used in large group teaching?
  • what evidence is there for their success? How have they been received by staff and students?
  • what key factors determine the success of their use?

I’d like to work this through so there is much more evidence / research worked through with the lit review.

The technology

Given that the focus is on the type of question outlined above, idea merger the what are clickers and the technology into a background / context section. Perhaps, see if we can more clearly define the characteristics and detail a particular user case (based on the web) to act as a big hock.

Current use on education

In terms of the “current use in education” section, I’m wondering if you could develop a framework to classify thess different uses. For instance. we might divide them into staff (instructor) led, and student led. Perhaps factor in the idea of time and use, i.e., immediate feedback in the lecture, immediate feedback but the lecture / student revisits the results to inform later practice, no feedback in lecture and all results are stored for summative purposes.

The idea of the classification is to allow use to cluster ideas, which are then further elaborated in table format.

Reasons for use

I was thinking that perhaps this could come before the current use in education, and we need to elaborate on each one with evidence from the research findings.

practical considerations

remove this, we can deal with this as a tech paper / guide. So outside this lit review.