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Pathfinder event – notes, raw

Action: Bettie Collis – web 2.0 tools and processes in higher educational quality … try to find this article.

Action: get names and survey for the cheetah event. – do by Friday. Me, Roger, email Hedley / Leah.

Institutional perspectives

neumann, parry and becher 2002 – e-learning requires differentiated strategies based on cultural contexts and knowledge fields.

action: read elti stuff – embedding learning technologies institutionally.

does dept have a teaching and learning strategy? does this include a e-learni component?

development of e-learning support network. – how might that look like for bath? don’t fotget, aiming towards the special interest groups.

hefce – keynote

draw and build on the existing expertise in the sector.

ciber , jan 2008 – information behaviour of the reseaecher of the future.

new lang ….

– enhancing laerning and teaching through the use if technology

new perspectives

– l and t are at the core
– technology supports them
– different approaches for different institutions / depts / faculties in different contexts, responding to the needs of a diverse student body

afternoon – break out sessions

absy – model … make links

1. academoc staff
2. elearning team
3. pgcert
4. staff development team

outcomes – new training opportunities, more courses, dissemination (out and in).

sunderland – see handout

changed the names of their workshops – more removed the reference of technology.

found that a team (programme) team approach worked very well – recommend this style.

lessons learnt …. get them to  define e-leaqrning. – nice as a start activity on our pgcap.

university of east london

Action: did the benchmark process identify any issues about staff development.

action – look at externally provided e-learning  courses (post graduate courses) – so can advise out staff if they wish to further develop their skills. also check out netskills, the CMALT – costs, what is involved, get Roger to write a case study of what was involved, whas it a benefit to him? – make a page on  our web site.

seems staff development at other institutions includes drop in sessions.

the aim of our staff development programme is integrate all the sessions.

link with other staff development programmes –

reducing the number of long workshops, and beef up 1-2-1 sessions.

emerging technologies

kingston – in classroom for feedback

– used ARS, inbound text messaging, tablet pcs,

interesting outcome … staff quite reluctant to use the mobile phone technology.

staff feedback – effective use of the material (interactive) found covered less material, so over time they shifted their pedagogical model, i.e., tranmission of content is shifted out of the face to face session.

Also, liked the staff mentors (so not the LT’s).

Phil — storytellling, used to see about the enhancements of their reflections.

found that the hardess issue was to develop the storytelling skillls.

Some issues, copyright –  so raising awareness and providing web sites support.

I wonder if we could use storytelling as part of the assessment. As the reflective piece.

de montford – making sense of the web 2.0 – richard hall.

idea … run targeted staff development sessions targeted at hods, deans etc.,

focus is to upskill staff / students at where they should put their material – provide the guideance.